Tracy Bio

Tracy Fowler

Tracy is vibrant and filled with warm southern charm. She is passionate about design and has a refined eye for the better things in life. She says, "Fashion is always on the go, while real style sits comfortably at home. I know how to engage both to capture your perfect look...never trendy but always fresh."

She has an instinctive understanding of how to blend classical interior details with custom furniture to produce breathtaking results every time. For this reason clients across the US choose her design team when making an interior investment.

Tracy continues as a consultant to the company and accepts large full house projects on retainer as her availability permits. She works closely with her design team in the creative process. Over the last 25 years she has poured her life into the fine art of high end interior design. The design studio walls are now lined with magazine articles chronicling the design team's history. Clients are able to hire this team with great confidence. 

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