Interior Design Firm

Brothers Nathan and Dustin Fowler carry on the established family business that their parents founded many years ago. After graduating college both sons joined Fowler Interiors and began to write new chapters filled with innovation and fresh perspectives. Born and raised in Greenville, SC, Dustin and Nathan share a love for the revitalization of downtown Greenville; they have been active in much of the city's redevelopment. 

The sons now lead the design team which, as a whole, has built a portfolio that is broad and diverse, just like the staff. The design team lends support and experience to one another and work from the strength of the group. This strength has kept Fowler Interiors a leader in the industry for over thirty years.

Each project at Fowler Interiors is approached with an eagerness to discover what kind of environment the client would call HOME. Therefore, a design is never repeated. Each Fowler Interiors project is an original that bears the home owners' unique signature. Call us today to discover your own personal style.